Featured Testimonial - MIT Sloan Fellows, Stanford MsX

The best consultant brings out your best. And I'm sure Bryan will be your best consultant. As I worked with Bryan for 2 months, I realized I could not succeed without Bryan's support. I liked the following 3 features of his consulting.

  1. His insight He can guide you to choose the right school. Test score is not everything. He looks into your academic background, work experience, personality, family background and so on. I was trying to apply to 2 year full-time programs at the beginning. But after having a free consultation with Bryan, following his advice, I surveyed the Sloan programs and realized these programs were more of a fit for me. I was successfully admitted by both MIT Sloan and Stanford Sloan within 2 months. Without working with him, I would probably still be struggling with other schools' applications and would not have been accepted by TOP schools.

    He is also acquainted with each school's preference, and deeply understands each essay question: the exact purpose and meaning of the question. With his advice, I could precisely answer each question and correctly express my strengths and weaknesses.

  2. His personality He is generous and he respects your opinion. He gives the right advice or awareness-raising questions to let you re-think or think deeper by yourself. Working with Bryan, I knew myself much deeper than before and become confident with myself. He is not just an MBA consultant any more. He guides you build thorough self-awareness, and this awareness leads you to reach your goal.
  3. Package service His service includes everything. Not only the essays, every online application and the interview training are also included. No matter how many times you re-write your essays, how many hours you had the training, how small the matters are, you can bother him anytime you need. You can work with him to your heart's content. I even asked him to review my daily emails sent to schools.

Through working with Bryan, I'm sure you can learn and obtain more from him other than things related to MBA.

Many many thanks to you, Bryan!!