Featured Testimonial - CMU Tepper

If Bryan had not helped me, I could not have joined the Tepper School. I really appreciate his and his wife’s strong help. As a sponsored employee, I was deeply ailed by strong pressure. In October, I started to prepare for resume and essays with one of the big MBA counseling companies. Unfortunately, my GMAT score was so low and time was so limited that the counselor recommended me to give up MBA schools which our company required. I had a really difficult time due to my low GMAT score, incompatibility with the counselor, and limited time.

To remedy this situation, I sought another counselor and found Bryan at Elite Essays. In the first conversation with him by Skype, I told him my current situation. Bryan gave me possible but realistic suggestions. I decided to prepare with him for my MBA application.

Fortunately, my decision was right. His preparation strategy is really effective, time-saving, and exciting. Although I did not have enough time to think about which school is best for me, Bryan gave me many suggestions for which school would fit me, based on his abundant knowledge of MBA schools. After our conversations, I found the Tepper School was my top choice. While working with him, I realized many dots in my life connected as one line. After writing the essays, I could clearly explain Why MBA and Why This MBA School.

Interview preparation with Bryan was also exciting. He asked me thought-provoking questions at the right time. His questions were hints to think about myself more deeply and to express myself properly with examples. It was not a typical interview that I imagined, but rather a kind of warm conversation. This conversation style I learned from Bryan was one of my success factors.

In addition, Kaori, his wife, helped me a lot. Because my supervisors had never written letter of recommendation (LOR) and they are not good at English, I asked Kaori for help. She gave my supervisors good suggestions about what is the point of the LOR and translated and edited very strong LOR at a very reasonable price.

A month after I submitted applications to three schools for which I prepared with Bryan, there was no interview invitation. Every time I heard someone got an invitation, I was disappointed. But Bryan always encouraged me, saying, “Never give up. You should focus on what you can do.” Thanks to his support, I stopped comparing myself with others and started to focus on what I could do. Fortunately, I got all three interview invitations from Olin, UNC, and Tepper. Because I prepared for interviews a lot, I enjoyd the interviews like a conversation.

One early morning in March, I got an e-mail from the Tepper School. When I opened the link, the short movie started with “Congratulations!” Even though many people said I would be waitlisted or fail due to my low GMAT score, I successfully joined the Tepper School without any requirements such as additional GMAT score or LOR.

Bryan looked not only at my score but my personality, and opened my eyes to my uniqueness. Thanks to his warm help, I recovered from my low GMAT score with my essays, LOR, and interview. I was really happy to work with Bryan and Kaori. If I had the chance to apply again to an MBA, I would definitely work with them again!