MBA Waitlist Strategies

It seems unfair after waiting so long for an MBA adcom’s decision that you have to wait some more, but at least you’re still alive. At this point and assuming the school in question is still on your list, there are essentially four things you need to do:

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INSEAD Testimonial (English & Chinese): From Zero to Acceptance + Scholarship in 1 Month

When I struggled to write down my career path and was confused about these essay questions INSEAD required, I found myself helpless even though I had taken English composition courses at college. I accepted my college classmate’s recommendation, who was a current student at INSEAD at that time, making an appointment for a trial consultation with Bryan.

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An Ever-Expanding List of MBA Interview Practice Questions

It would be a terrible mistake to draft and memorize answers to each of these questions. You’ll burn out and sound like a robot. Instead, test yourself with these questions against your essays and resume. Ask yourself, “How can I answer these questions with things I already know about myself?” Make flashcards with bullet points to make yourself bulletproof in your interviews!!

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