Featured Testimonial - Stanford MSx

Without Bryan, I would not have been admitted to the Stanford MSx Program, which was my dream school. Several MBA holders recommended I apply for Bryan’s service when I looked for my counselor last April. Bryan and I talked via Skype to get to know each other in a trial consultation. I felt that his attitude was quite collaborative and he was not someone to force his opinion on his clients. Rather, his mind is to work together and share ideas to achieve the best outcome. Soon after that I decided to apply for his service.

My decision was correct. He replied to my mail very quickly even though he was busy and he edited my draft essays very quickly as well. When he could not do his tasks within one day, he always clarified the timeline by when he would do so. In addition, the quality of his edits was excellent, due to his background in journalism.

The Stanford MSx essays were especially tough, because their questions were quite simple and they did not put any word limitation on them. We discussed as many times as we could until we came up with suitable episodes for each. With each edit, the essays became stronger and stronger. Finally, 5 days before deadline, our essays for Stanford were made and I was satisfied with them. However, the next day, Bryan suggested that he try to edit once more and asked me to choose which one I preferred. I was surprised by the responsibility he took for his work and thought that he was truly professional.

Thanks to his work, I was invited to the interview of not only Stanford MSx but also to almost all the schools I applied to. Including interview training, I strongly recommend his service!! Thank you, Bryan! You made my dream come true!