Success beyond test scores

with MBA, college, and graduate school admissions,your numbers don't tell your whole story. that's where we come in.



Work exclusively with Bryan on all aspects of your MBA/EMBA applications (including scholarships) at a service level that fits your needs. 

Japanese-English MBA Applicants

Develop your foundation essays in Japanese with Kaori while improving your GMAT/TOEFL scores, and then refine your essays and interviews in English with Bryan. You'll work closely with both of us throughout the application process.

College/Grad School

Let a professional writer and journalist help you get started or un-stuck so you can present your best and most authentic self to your dream schools.


Despite the rumors, your test scores alone do not determine your admissions fate. Your character, values, and personality are just as important, but you need great essays to bring out those qualities, and that's where we shine. We help our clients discover and express their best and most revealing experiences, lifting them beyond any imagined limitation of test scores or other surface measurements to attain schools seemingly beyond reach.

With only a 640 on my GMAT, only Bryan could have led me to top schools like Wharton...
— Wharton Admit


As former journalists, the most important questions we'll ask you are not "What did you accomplish?", but rather "Why and how did you accomplish it?" Your answers will reveal your awareness of your unique combination of strengths and weaknesses, with a focus on the soft skills that almost always determine success or failure.

Bryan made me aware of my own unique qualities, which I had not thought of as particularly special, and those became incredibly important elements to express who I was in my essays and interviews.
— Stanford GSB & Wharton admit

Through this "self-awareness", you can express your potential contributions to your classmates as well as your greatest development needs. This self-awareness is the most important quality to demonstrate to admissions committees, but it is also the most elusive and time-consuming to develop, which is why we encourage our clients to begin the essay-writing process as early as possible, even before they've finished taking tests. As we've proven repeatedly, great essays can overcome average test scores, but even great test scores rarely overcome average essays.


Some of our most successful clients -- most of whom work under flat-rate packages -- don't know how special they are. It's our job to make sure they and the schools they are applying to do. Through constant communication by Skype, email, and in-person (New York City area), we will extract your best stories and inject them with unique and humanizing details so they exude you. We then fashion these stories into a comprehensive and integrated application package that demonstrates your utmost potential to achieve your ambitious goals. Our approach is so successful that many of our clients -- even those already with company sponsorships or scholarships -- receive generous scholarship offers from their target schools.

...he would always give it straight to me, 100% bullsh%t-free, when giving me his opinion about my essays and interview answers. At the end of the day, I can only compare his level of honesty and commitment to my success to the ones your true friends have with you. This is something money can’t buy.
— Kellogg Admit w/scholarship

We tailor our advice to your situation and help you filter out distractions and rumors so we can focus on the big picture of developing the best materials possible as quickly as possible to meet demanding deadlines. Don't be surprised if we produce 20-30 drafts of a single essay before we are satisfied. We will push you but will never leave you stranded. If you work with us, expect initial email responses within a few hours and edits within 48 hours, even during the busiest deadline periods.

By the time we're done, we'll know you better than your own mama.

Recent Results


580 GMAT accepted to Wharton (average: 730)

660 GMAT accepted to Kellogg (average: 728)

640 GMAT accepted to Kellogg and Wharton with scholarship

640, 670 GMAT accepted to Columbia (average: 717)

660 GMAT accepted to INSEAD & LBS (averages: 708)

630 GMAT accepted to Darden average: 718)

640, 660 GMAT accepted to MIT Sloan (average: 724)

640 GMAT accepted to LBS (average: 708)

640 GMAT accepted to Ross (average 708)

630 GMAT accepted to Tepper (average 690)

620 GMAT accepted to Stanford MSX

520 GMAT accepted to MIT Sloan Fellows


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