Featured Testimonial: Columbia EMBA

I had a very good experience working with Bryan. He mainly supported my essay polishing and also reviewed my application package including resume, application form, etc. His approach to the application process, which was first to understand my career goal and why MBA deeply and then to proceed one topic at a time, worked very well. His feedback was very honest and reliable such that I was able to be confident in my essays when they reached a point where he said he liked them. He did not just re-write my drafts; he chose the right wording and phrases that matched what I had written and what I wanted to convey. He also encouraged me to pick my own wording over his suggestion if I would feel comfortable to do so, which I believe is a great attitude as a counselor. The questions he asked me during mock interview training was close to what I was actually asked during my interview; my selling point was an innovative product that I have been working on in my current job, which Bryan pointed out, and that was exactly what caught the interviewer's attention from the beginning of my interview. I strongly recommend Bryan as a partner for your successful MBA application.