Featured Testimonial: Imperial College (plus 5 other programs)

I am really proud that I could have an opportunity to share my successful experience with Elite Essays’ counseling. I started to work with Bryan in August 2016, submitted an application for each school in January 2017, and received offers from schools at the end of February. I decided to enroll at Imperial College Business School, even though I received other attractive offers from Warwick Business School, Cass (City University), and Lancaster University Management School, among others.

The primary reason why I chose Elite Essays as my counselor was his excellent result of students’ admission. Many of his students successfully finished their admission processes and my senior colleagues in my company, who worked with Bryan and entered their ideal MBA programs, strongly recommended Bryan’s counselling to me. Furthermore, the trial counselling with Bryan was high quality, especially his proficient counseling ability to draw my words and understand what I would like to inform.

In addition, indeed, his counseling was very efficient for me mainly in three points.

First, his counseling style, which provides a student an opportunity to draft essays based on discussion with him, helped me understand myself and my career. When we had a discussion, he always asked me critical question which gave me a proper way to think about myself. He’s never forced on me his opinion but lead me with his kind and supportive attitude. As a result of this approach, the points of my career history and future goals became clear and explainable by myself. This approach also helped me to answer unexpected questions in admission interviews because I could answer those questions based on what I found through the discussion with Bryan. Indeed, I passed all the admission interviews.

Second, I saw Bryan’s analytical and explanatory ability as one of his strongest ability. Even I thought some of my working career was not strong enough to state on my resume, he found it interesting and edited it with attracting explication. Because of his ability, I could be aware of many of my hidden strengths coming from my career, and I could enrich my resume and essays with several attractive stories.

Third, I could rely on his quality of work and his professionalism. The discussion with Bryan was understandable, practical, and achievable. I have never got confused about what I should do, but I clearly understood what my tasks were after counseling. Even when I was struggling to make enough GMAT score, he gave me some simple task and advice, taking application schedules into consideration. After finishing GMAT, I didn’t have much time but I could finish writing applications with great quality, because Bryan pushed himself a lot to qualify them. As a result, my application passed most schools and I did not have any trouble in the admission interviews based on them.

In conclusion, I really deeply appreciate Bryan’s kind cooperation and his reasonable and transparent consulting approach. I think there is no possibility that I could finish the tough application process without Bryan’s help.

P.S. I personally believe the fee of Elite Essays is reasonable, and the package system which includes services from building resume to practicing admission interview is very effective when we see whole application process of MBA.