Featured Testimonial: Wharton w/ Scholarship + Fulbright Fellowship

I decided to work with Bryan because it was clear at our first meeting he doesn't just look at your profile and put your story in a template. He tries to see your values and empathizes with you, which, for me, was a crucial factor in deciding whom to work with as I would be disclosing a great deal about myself and my life.


As it turned out, Bryan wasn't just open minded and understanding about my story. He gave it a structure and color through both his superb editing and inquisitive meetings. His deep insight into Fulbright program, which I believe comes from the fact that he himself was once a scholar, also helped me shape my ideas around the program's expectation.


The MBA application process has a very interesting dynamics. Despite many (rightly) focusing on test scores and career profiles, it is far from being just executional and administrative. It is about you understanding yourself and knowing how to present it to different audiences. I am very glad I could work with Bryan, whom I respect and trust, through the challenging process. I highly recommend anyone with their own stories and dreams to work with this great guy.