Testimonial - Harvard, Stanford & Columbia Graduate Schools of Education

The past year working with Bryan has been a journey of discovery.  As I have a mixed background in various sectors, stepping into the field of education was at first hard to decide. However, our discussions let me confront my true feelings and understand my goals. I am truly grateful for Bryan’s support which has given me the chance to strive toward my goal of expanding quality education in developing countries, and hope that I can give back to society after graduation. There are numerous aspects that I respect Bryan for.

To share just a few, they would be his trust, judgment and inspiration.

Trust: During our first discussion, Bryan let me think about what I enjoy the most which helped me realize that I want to pursue my passion for education. Each advice helped me consider my options realistically and also set goals to aim for.  His understanding made me feel as though we have known each other for several years in just a few weeks!  As Bryan let me know about the hurdles I would face, I was able to prepare myself and look forward to the difficult parts of the application process as well.

Judgment: Bryan guided me when I was having trouble judging what to prioritize.  When I worried too much about an issue or got obsessed with something trivial, Bryan helped me look at the big picture.  I believe it is both Bryan’s experience and true consideration that let us make good judgments.  Even in the tightest moments, I was able to feel relaxed and was saved many times by Bryan’s advice.

Inspiration: I was inspired by Bryan’s positive attitude and passion towards our dreams.  I believe that it is his deep and sincere interest in our dreams that keeps us motivated.  Looking back at the past year, I enjoyed every moment of the application process as I felt I got to understand myself more, and my research interests develop through working with Bryan.  Thank you for your dedication which means so much to us.

Thank you very much, Bryan.  I still cannot believe that I have the chance to choose from my top choice schools.  I look forward to sharing with you my future steps and send my best wishes to you and your family.