Featured Testimonial: HBS (also accepted to Stanford & Columbia)

I had heard of Bryan from a past year's candidate. The person was not a client of Bryan but apparently had heard good things about him. So I found Bryan on the internet and scheduled the free Skype consultation. The 30 minute conversation left a positive impression and I decided to go with Bryan. As such, I never tried out anybody else and I have no way of comparing Bryan with others, but all I can say is that the decision was the right one for me. Here are some reasons why.

1. Experience

Bryan is experienced in this rather complex engagement known as the MBA admissions process. I had no clue. I did not know the rules of the game. There seemed to be numerous landmines in the process and I was not about to start wandering around without clear guidance. Bryan helped me weave through the landmines I needed to avoid in essays and interviews with his vast amount of experience and resources.

2. Background

Bryan has a unique background in being a successful journalist, and I think that is one of his major strengths. In the essays, I believe the ideas, the experiences, and the style, all of it has to come from you, the candidate. There is no other source but you, and I think that is the only way you can genuinely construct a compelling argument to the readers in the admissions office. Whenever I talked to Bryan over Skype, he always asked the right questions that made me think and go deeper. He did not shove his opinion in my face but rather tried to pull everything out of me so that I could write from the best experiences I had in me to answer the question. I think these traits are derived from his background as an accomplished journalist.

3. Personality

I enjoyed working with Bryan. We met over Skype mostly after my working hours. Yes, essays and interview preparations are serious business, but this is a one-to-one interaction and I am a laid-back kind of person. After a long day of work, I was not about to spend close to an hour of my day with a person I did not get along with. Bryan is a nice guy and I liked his dry sense of humor.

Thank you, Bryan, for all of your support!  It was a pleasure working with you and I wish the best of luck for this last year of your consulting business and your new opportunity in the field of journalism!