National University of Singapore (NUS)

I was always motivated to work with Bryan. His deep and solid insight into the MBA application process and business schools helped me a lot in terms of what I should care about and include in the essay throughout my job and extracurricular experience. Further than that, his long experience and  exposure to Japanese clients also helped me understand and notice some pitfalls where typical Asian students including me fall into. Working with him enabled me to  know in advance what the applicants should appeal to the admission committee and mention in the interview process. Additionally, thanks to his sophisticated editing skill, I could express the core message naturally from the bottom of my heart. As a result of this, we made a straightforward story from resume and essay to interview with some business schools. I could smoothly explain my opinion and thought when I had some interviews with the schools. "Your message, career, and aspiration for our school are very solid, very clear and moving". This is the word that I got from my dream schools. Finally, I received an offer to my dream school in Singapore.

Potential candidate who are considering and keen to work with Bryan needs to keep following points in their mind. Please ask yourself whether you are really hungry for a ticket to your dream school. Secondly, you need to be professional about working with Bryan. Before practicing an interview or preparing for essays, make sure that you take time to prepare what should be clear and you want to ask before the session with Bryan. In addition to this, please express your thoughts and don't refrain from mentioning what you think. You don't need humbleness that typical Japanese have when working with him. By doing so, you will be able to maximize synergy with Bryan. His feedback is always straightforward and clear, which gave me and will give you a clear direction. For example, when done with interview practice, he always gave me some points to be fixed or improved such as posture, voice tone and pitch, or the way I deliver the core message and so on. Considering all of the above facts, I am very satisfied with working with him. His service fee is client friendly considering his solid know-how and skills that he had.