Featured Testimonial: Duke Fuqua & Yale SOM + scholarship

When I started the application process, I felt I had a good understanding of what I needed to say and how to say it. But as the process continued I found that getting “my story” across was much harder than expected. Then I stumbled across a GMATClub post about Bryan and how personable he was and how great he was at helping people tell their story so I decided to give him a shot. I can honestly say that working with Bryan was a joy and THE reason I was able to get interviews at HBS, Yale, Tuck, and Fuqua. Instead of my approach of trying to finish multiple schools at once, he had me build up my essays strategically, so that I was able to find the core of my story and goals, which I used over and over again throughout my applications, including interviews.

Bryan was always available and quick to respond to every email I sent him, even after my applications were submitted. I recommend Bryan to anyone looking to write essays that tell THEIR story!

Thanks for everything Bryan!