Michigan GMBA

I am going to write this testimonial for those who are looking for an essay counselor for MBA application. I strongly recommend Bryan as your essay counselor for the five reasons as shown below.
1. Warm personality
I believe this is the most important factor to choose an essay counselor. Bryan has been always supportive and with a warm personality. With his supportive atmosphere, I could make my essays without worrying. To confirm this point, having a Skype session would be recommended.
2. Speed and Quality
I was always surprised by his editing of my essays. It was like magic. This is also one good reason for choosing him as your counselor. In addition, he is very good at asking questions. His question was always at the point, improving my essays drastically.
3. Smart counseling
At first, I was worried about whether the counselor could understand my business field because my business field is different from most of other MBA applicants and often difficult to understand even for Japanese people. However, Bryan understood my business field very quickly through a few counseling sessions. This gave me a great relief to work with him.
4. Good efficiency and time management
We could use 24 hours efficiently through working together because of time difference. (I was in Tokyo and he was in NY.) This became an advantage particularly before the application deadline. In addition, our internal deadline motivated me since I tend to postpone my duties.
5. Comprehensive support for the MBA application process
Bryan supported me through the long MBA application process. As MBA application is like a private project, you may feel alone. However, he will assist you as a good partner.
Finally, I hope you meet the best essay counselor and enter your dream school.
Thank you for reading this testimonial.