INSEAD (w/ scholarship)

Hi, Bryan.

It is still unbelievable that I am going to INSEAD soon. Thank you again for your very professional and sincere support. You once told me that you are especially happy when you see your clients get accepted by their "challenging" schools. So, I guess I made you really happy. :)

I wrote a testimonial per your request.  Let me know if you need a longer version, because I can write ten times more.


By the end of the trial session, I was sure that Bryan was the best consultant and we would have a great fit. After a year, I am proud to confirm that my instinct was right. Despite my low GMAT score, Bryan always had faith in me, more than I did in myself. His faith was well reflected in his editing and interview training, and I was able to express a better version of the true me after every session. How could I have been selected by INSEAD with a scholarship otherwise? If you are looking for a great coach (i.e. not a ghost writer), don't waste your time. Talk to him now and see for yourself what your instinct tells you!