I was very fortunate that Bryan was still available to be my counselor because I thought it was very last minutes. I've heard about him from my two close friends who had previously worked with him and accepted by HBS. With their strong recommendations, I had a feeling that I would like to work with him but that feeling became solid when I first had first conversation with him over Skype. I truly feel that this decision was the key to my success in getting accepted by my dream school.

I would like to list three aspects of his service that I found most valuable through my application process:
1. Great strategy
When I started to get consultation from him, I was not confident about applying in the first round. I was not sure if I were able to write solid essays in such a short period of time and also was yet to receive approval from my company. Under all these uncertainties, however, he suggested me to go for one of my top candidate schools in the first round. In fact, I was able to finish 
my essays and receive recommendation letters just before the deadline.  And once I got invited for the interview, we then concentrated on interview training where I would've put more time on essays for 2nd round schools if I had worked alone. Not to mention about his great capability on editing essays from his journalism background but also his great strategy based on his great experience and ability to thoroughly understand his client were exceptional.
2. Punctual and flexible
It is extremely tough for any applicant to go through MBA application process while doing their jobs at work. It was a great help for me to receive his feedback in timely manner to pace myself toward the deadline. He never delayed his committed date, even if it were the very next day. Additionally, I was frequently on travel but he was very flexible in securing time to discuss even in such an irregular schedule. His flexibility helped me constantly get feedback on my essays and also on interview training.  
3. Encouraging
In the first free trial over Skype, he gave me a sort of confidence that I have unique experiences and could distinguish myself from other applicants. He is very trustworthy person so I believed his words and pushed myself for the first round. I remember how he encouraged me after I went so poorly on one of the interview training. With his unique follow up interview training, I was able to gradually regain confidence. I felt I was fully prepared in the end when he told me that "this was the greatest interview training I ever had!"
I believe his style is literally "working together" with client. Although he does extremely great job in editing essay, he always waits for client's input or ideas. Therefore if you are a person not just relying to your consultant but rather proactively put your ideas on the table, Bryan is the right person to work with. I strongly hope Bryan to keep helping Japanese applicant to achieve
a chance of studying abroad! Thank you again Bryan for all the support you gave me!