I’m an Asian applicant and I’m a re-applicant, dinged last year at two top M7 schools. This year I worked with Bryan and I was admitted by my top choice and interviewed at Wharton. The biggest difference for this year are my focused career goal and a very personal story about why I want to get an MBA. Bryan pushed me hard on telling a unique story.

I also had a lot of challenges: a sub 2.5 undergrad GPA and being on the older side of the applicant pool. Many would say forget about an M7 school. But I thought I have a complete story to tell, and that I just needed to tell it in a convincing way. It was critical to tell my story in a way that the admission team could relate to. Bryan was patient and he brought out my best side. He has a lot of experience, and a straightforward working style - exactly what you need when you are relying on someone to help craft your life story to convince an adcom at a top school.

I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a top U.S. MBA program, especially re-applicants and people with weak areas in their profiles.”