Featured Testimonial: LBS, Duke Fuqua, UT Austin McCombs

I just completed all MBA application processes and was fortunately admitted to LBS, Fuqua, and McCombs. However, I could not have achieved these great results without the help of Bryan. Now I feel that my decision on working with Bryan was correct! First, Bryan has really excellent listening skills. He asked many questions from various angles to reveal “Who I am” in the consulting phase before starting the draft essay. I noted my hidden strengths through these conversations, and this process was really helpful to write effective essays.

In addition, his editing skill is amazing. Bryan always transformed my poor drafts into beautiful ones without changing the core essence I hoped to include. It was like magic!

Also, I love Bryan's personality. He is always calm, kind, and supportive. Thus, I always enjoyed working with him. I remember that I felt a perfect fit with Bryan when I first talked with him.

I strongly recommend Bryan to future applicants. Thank you very much for your support, Bryan!!