Featured Testimonial: Ross, Darden (full scholarship)

I believe a good counselor should help applicants reach the schools for which their profiles have already qualified, while a great counselor should bring applicants to somewhere that was thought impossible in the beginning. Fortunately, I met with the latter. With a low GPA (average 75 out of 100), most people doubted my chance of getting into a top school. However, I eventually got accepted by two S16 programs and even came very close to two M7 (wait listed at one currently). And essays definitely played a pivotal role in these achievements.
Bryan's mentoring skills helped me identify the stories which I truly wanted to tell my readers and his technical skills enabled me to express the most valuable information within limited words. I have never heard of any other MBA consultant who had both skills simultaneously at such a high level. Actually with Bryan's help I was able to finish 10 schools' essays in less than 2 months with considerably high quality. And I believe this was the most valuable investment I could make throughout the whole MBA application process.