Featured Testimonial: Wharton (also accepted to Virginia Darden)

“Dear Bryan - do you remember the day you asked me to write a letter to my coming baby? You said it would help me set the right tone to explain my career to adcoms. I remember feeling uneasy because we had limited time to prepare for the 1st round application. The day, however, was the defining moment for my life – the innovative counseling made me aware what MBA essay is and I eventually got an admission to Wharton, my life-long dream school. Thank you from my heart - you changed my life.”

Before I began working with him, I was obsessed how to come up with stories best appealing to adcom or stretch my career achievements. Bryan told me to realize that my baby (and adcom also) would not want to know about my company or achievement lists but love to find out “who I am” – the important things are what I thought in struggling situations, how I took actions to overcome the difficulties, and what I learned from the experiences and how much I grew up as a person. It was not so easy to deeply reflect on oneself, but in that process (and even after writing up the 2,000 word letter), we continued looking for my life stories and digging, digging, and digging my actions in each and every situation of both personal and professional careers, which further strengthened our essays and gave us the invitation from almost all schools I applied for.

This story is just one part of our long collaborative work days, but you can find how much Bryan is creative and flexibly provides his counseling depending on each client, and more importantly, how much he seriously - sometimes with passion - gives his full attention to our life. If you asked if I would love to work again with Bryan, my answer is a clear “yes”. I definitely recommend you work with Bryan then you will have a brilliant future!