Our Promise to Our Clients

I've been talking to many potential clients, and one thing that struck me this year was how many of them wanted to know how many clients Michele and I were going to work with this year. At first I thought people were trying to gauge how much time they had to make their consultant decision, but I finally realized that what they were actually asking is, "Will you have so many clients that you won't be available to help me when I need it the most?"

I should have known! Every year I'm contacted at the last minute by clients whose consultants have vanished at crunch time, and the problem must have been particularly bad last year given the number of people asking this year.

The answer is: OF COURSE!

Both Michele and I are committed to the success of all of our clients, regardless of test scores, target schools, career experience, etc., and our promise to our clients is to provide the same high level of service and communication throughout the application process and especially during the most difficult deadline periods.

We always try to respond within a few hours of receiving an email, notifying our clients of when we'll review and return their materials to them. If we can't fulfill that goal, we'll always try to send a follow-up note. Taking a longer-term perspective, we encourage our clients to actually begin the essay-writing process as soon as possible with a "90/10" approach. By doing so, we can manage the intense pressure of deadline season more smoothly and with more well-developed materials.

If you would like to know more about our services and approach, please contact us.