Featured Testimonial: Oxford Said

I had applied to INSEAD and was dinged without an interview call. It was a major setback. I was only planning for a handful of European colleges with a one year program and could ill afford another failure. 

A friend suggested that I talk to Bryan. I spoke to Bryan along with some other consultants as part of the free trial consultation that everyone offers. However, Bryan was the only one who actually offered a consultation honestly and diligently. For others, it was a time to sell their services, but how can I pay for a service without really judging a consultant. I decided to go ahead with Bryan because he came across as a very honest person, his comments on my INSEAD essays and my profile were very astute, and he already had been recommended by a friend. 

Bryan was everything that I hoped a consultant would be. I never wanted anyone to write my essays for me but I needed advice on letting me know what would work and what wouldn't. I expected a consultant to help me identify the right direction and in case I took a wrong turn. I expected him to tell me when a  path would not lead to success. Bryan did exactly that for me. 

He pushed me to introspect and gently guided me with my own thought process that helped me to come out with true and genuine replies. He helped me to bring out my individuality on different essays. All his suggestions and advice were very valuable and relevant, especially when it came to explaining my need for another MBA after studying management at the graduate level elsewhere. 

I was satisfied with the way my essays shaped up and I was proven right when I got the call from Said, Oxford and finally converted it. 

I am sure I would not have been able to put my best foot forward without Bryan there to guide me and I would recommend him to any MBA aspirant wholeheartedly.