Featured Testimonial: Kellogg (also admitted to Ross)

The MBA application process was tough, but I really enjoyed working with Bryan. He is famous for his editing skill. MBA applicants, especially Japanese applicants, believe that his editing ability is his biggest appeal point. Yes and No.

I was surprised that some counselors edit draft essays only when they meet their clients. I doubt clients can obtain well thought out comments from counselors in this manner. I wanted a counselor to take sufficient time to understand my draft, distill his/her thinking, and polish my essays with the most effective wording, because this is how I process requests from my own clients. Bryan never does a Mickey Mouse job. He always takes time and reverts to me with organized and consistent feedback when we draft essays. It is his professionalism that helped me gain admission tickets to Kellogg and Ross.

I believe his professionalism and willingness to devote his time to his clients are his real selling points. His talented editing skills are just the icing on the top. His incredible commitment to his clients enables him to be a great essay advisor.

Another thing I need to describe is his great personality. He always gave me energy when I was exhausted and nervous. He was very patient in helping me improve my interview skills. I could not help but be stiff and defensive at first during our interview trainings due to a lack in confidence in my English speaking ability. Without his support, I could not have aced my interviews.

Bryan is no mere ghost writer or essay editor. He is definitely something more than that: he is a great partner throughout the MBA application process.

Since applicants from my employer have been struggling to break into the top schools for years, I didn’t have high hopes when the process began and my dream schools were definitely not in the top 10. Bryan brought me much better results than I expected.

Thank you very much, Bryan. Hope to see sometime soon in Tokyo or NY.