Featured Testimonial - MIT Sloan, UCLA Anderson

“Telling Your Best Stories” – this is something I have done with Bryan, and something I couldn’t have done without Bryan. It is difficult to exhaustively point out how we all benefited from his continuous, sincere support (which I believe all of his clients agree with), so I would like to focus just one point; thanks to his counseling, I could make my essays more tangible and true to myself, that is, my best stories. Drafting essays is like setting key pieces of information as a narrative, and it is sometimes difficult to find all these pieces on your own, let alone arranging them in the most persuasive, appealing order. For me, there is always a gap between my image of ideal essays and what I can draft with my own resources. Bryan always bridged this gap. He never missed my slightest words or thoughts I mentioned, and helped me to develop these into great essences of my essays. Through the conversations, he also made me realize what I was not fully aware of, or what I unconsciously did, and supported me to shape my essays as more true to myself. Furthermore, Bryan always kept a birds-eye view to my essays. He took into account of my backgrounds, current status, and future goals and kept my essays consistent with these, making my whole application integral. There must be a lot of counselors who are good of editing essays. However, there must be no counselor like Bryan, who helps you derive a lot of values and ideas from inside you, that is, help you understand yourself. I couldn’t imagine completing more than 20 essays, all more than satisfactory, without his supports. Thank you very much, Bryan. I could find no words to fully express my gratitude. I hope you enjoyed working with me. I really did.