Elite Essays Scholarships

Congratulations to a supremely well-qualified and idealistic young woman who recently won my non-MBA scholarship. My MBA scholarship (10 free consultation/editing sessions, 50% discount on additional sessions) is still open, so if your short-term goals are in the non-profit/social-entrepreneurial/educational realms, please consider applying. You can find the details here. A former client is selling his GMAT and TOEFL books at half price. Like-new condition. He's also kindly offered to give them away to an applicant from a non-traditional background, developing country, or someone with limited resources. If interested, please contact me.

The package is the following:

- GMAT Review edition 11 - GMAT Review edition 12 - GMAT Verbal edition 1 - GMAT Verbal edition 2 - GMAT Quantitative edition 1 - GMAT Quantitative edition 2 - How to get into the top MBA programs (Montauk's book) - 65 successful Harvard Business School Essays - The official guide to the new TOEFL IBT - Barron's Pass Key to the TOEFL IBT