Featured Testimonial: IESE

At the end of February, I was finally admitted by IESE, my No. 1 choice. Reflecting on these very demanding months, I believe I am a very very lucky man. That is because I worked with the right counselor. Without his dedicated support, I can not imagine my accomplishment in this application process. Bryan can identify what aspects of clients should be highlighted, and express them in sophisticated, admirable ways. This shows his long and rich experience as a counselor. All that I did was follow his guidance, analyze myself, and summarize it into an essay. His advice was always concise and very insightful. I completely enjoyed the essay development process.

Our sessions were always efficient and time-saving. Like other typical applicants, I didn’t have sufficient time for essay writing just before 2nd round deadline. Bryan is located in New York, I live in Tokyo, so we maximized the value of different time zones. I uploaded my draft essay in Dropbox late at night in Japan, and Bryan checked it in the daytime in NY. Also, we talked through Skype regularly. This workstyle worked very well, so I spent enough time for both essay and GMAT.

Lastly, I have to mention his always-generous attitude. He knows the mental states of the applicants very well. When I got bad score, when I was extremely busy at work, and when I received rejection from some schools, he always cheered me up and gave me his genuine advice. His words of encouragement enabled me to become positive and confident.

Before working with Bryan, I had worked with a Japanese counselor for 2 months. Although she was well-experienced, I didn’t feel fit with her style. If the reader of this testimonial feels interest in Bryan’s service, I recommend you to contact with him and confirm the chemistry between you and him. He would welcome you!