Featured Testimonial - HBS

Applying to any business school can be stressful given not only the application requirements themselves but also the daily job requirements that can leave you little time to work on the applications. Bryan proved instrumental in helping me balance my day to day job requirements with my application requirements. In many ways, to me, Bryan was part psychiatrist, part advisor, part partner in the development of my applications. He helped me both stay on top of deadlines and refine my thoughts as I developed my essays. Beyond the application itself, Bryan helped me prepare for my interviews and was not afraid to call me out when I sounded immature or arrogant. More than that, he actually built up my confidence to make me believe I was qualified to get into a good business school, which luckily for me, turned out to be HBS. Regardless of which business school you want to go to, Bryan will be honest at all times with you and help you aspire to achieving that goal. I highly recommend you use Bryan when preparing your application. I promise you will not be disappointed.