Wharton Testimonial

Thanks to Bryan I was admitted from Wharton, which was my dream school. To begin the application preparation, I met several prominent essay consultants, and now I am confident that the choice I made to work with Bryan was the right and critical one. I felt comfortable throughout the application process working with him, and among many virtues the ones I appreciated the most were; 1. Communication

Although Bryan seemed to understand Japanese, he never used it during the counseling meetings. In addition, he had a great patience not to cut in before I finish speaking. These made our meetings natural trainings for the admissions interviews, since I needed to explain in English fully about each of my essays which often accompanied subtle nuances.

What is more, I was really amazed how precisely he grasped my character after a limited number of counseling meetings. He also remembered tiny details which I mentioned in the past conversations. Based on these, Bryan gave me many hints and suggestions that helped me come up with themes well-suited for my essays.

2. Criteria

Bryan is a gentle and caring person, however, at the same time, he maintains strict criteria for the quality of his clients’ essays. He was very frank about whether he thought I had chosen an appropriate theme for the essay or not. I can’t recall how many times my essay drafts were rejected. Yet, Bryan was right after all, since I was not invited to interview from a school whose essays Bryan doubted, which I submitted anyways, but was invited from all the rest. I think Bryan’s appraisal of the quality of essays is precise and especially helpful for Japanese applicants to acquire the sense of admissions criteria.

3. Support as needed

Among his very tight schedule, Bryan from time to time offered me irregular meetings as needed, for example, before and after my business trips, and on the eve of essay submission etc. I appreciated it very much because I got busier with my job just before the 1st round due dates and also before my interviews.

Bryan is a trustworthy interview trainer as well. After several weeks from my first interview, I was actually getting worse with my self-expression skills, which I didn’t notice myself. Bryan kindly set an additional meeting before my next interview, which made a huge improvement in my preparedness. In regard to Wharton, the ad hoc 30-minute mock interview done on the eve of the interview day helped a lot, since the questions made in the mock interview covered the large part of the questions actually asked in the next day.

Bryan, thanks again and I hope for your clients’ success in your last year as an essay consultant. Good luck for all!