Wharton Admissions FAQ Highlights

If you haven’t visited the FAQ pages of your target schools, I highly recommend it. Among a lot of standard information similar across schools, there are often school-specific policies and procedures that may impact your application strategy. These include whether or not applying in earlier rounds is advantageous (UCLA - yes, Kellogg - no difference between round 1 and 2); whether you can submit additional materials/test scores after you’ve submitted your application (HBS, Stanford - no, Wharton - yes, but no guarantee it will be considered, Kellogg - only changes in data, but that includes test scores); and do campus visits strengthen an application (Wharton, Kellogg - no). I’ll be sifting through them over the next few weeks and posting what I think are the most interesting bits. From Wharton Admissions FAQ:

What if I want to send material regarding my application before or after I submit the application? If you submit material before you submit the actual application, we will start a correspondence file for you. Once we receive the application, we will transfer the materials in the correspondence file to your application file. If we receive additional information after you have submitted your application, then you must make sure we are aware that you have already applied. We prefer you do not submit additional material after you submit your application. Once the review of an application has begun, we cannot guarantee that any additional materials sent by an applicant will be considered.

My Note: So it is possible to submit your application and then try to update your file later (a strategy many people try, especially with test scores), however it is not a sure bet. If you take this route, submit your new scores/additional materials as quickly as possible

From Wharton's S2S (Student2Student) Blog:

The MBA Admissions Office welcomes applicant visits to campus solely because it helps them to get to know the school and determine whether it is a good fit for them and their career goals. There is no requirement to visit campus, and whether an applicant has visited is in no way considered as part of the application evaluation.