Rochester Simon Deadlines, Essays & Analysis (Class of 2012, Starting Fall 2010)

DEADLINES [table id=30 /]

*Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents must apply no later than March 15, 2010 to be considered for July or September Admission.


Describe your post-M.B.A. or post-M.S. career plans. How does your past education and experience support your career objectives? What aspects of the Simon School program make it a good choice for your graduate study? Why have you chosen to apply to the Simon School for graduate study?(500 word maximum)

Analysis: Please see The MBA Goals Essay & Why MBA School X?

Discuss two examples that demonstrate your potential as a successful leader. (500 word maximum)

Analysis: Please see The MBA Leadership Essay. Since the examples are so short, you can only provide a minimum of background, followed by the specific decisions you made and actions you took to be successful (the bulk of each example), before closing with the key results, impacts and benefits of your leadership.

(Optional) Share any information that you think is important in the evaluation of your application, including any concerns you think the Admissions Committee may have regarding your application. (500 word maximum)

Analysis: Simon doesn’t put any restrictions on their optional essay, so they are trusting you’ll use good judgment. That means covering any weaknesses with brief explanations and improvement plans, not excuses. For positive information, don’t repeat anything covered elsewhere and make sure you are adding something significant to your profile. Don’t use up the space just because you can.