Quick Testimonials

I know many of you are starting your consultant search for this year, so I wanted to post a few great comments from recent email exchanges with some of my clients this past year. They include male and female, sponsored and non-sponsored, first-time and re-applicants. (I try to give all of my clients the same level of attention and excellence no matter their situation.) You can find other recent testimonials here. If you are interested in working with me or Michele this year, please get in touch and arrange a free trial consultation! We would love to hear from you. 

  • Thank you very much Bryan for the motivating words. I really really am grateful to you for all your solid support and outstanding help in outrageous hours :) (Accepted at Ross)
  • I am too excited and still cannot believe got accepted in Kellogg. :) Thank you for all your special support. Now I have the luxury of choices - it was because of your wonderful guidance. Thanks a million! (Accepted at Kellogg and Ross)
  • Thank you so much for the support you have been giving me through the whole application process. It was really difficult for me to keep my motivation and energy at a high level at certain times, but I was able to keep myself going forward with your sincere support. I will definitely have a big celebration this weekend! (already had one last night, but who cares?) (Accepted at Tuck)
  • I finished Wharton interview yesterday and my long MBA journey! It was clearly my best interview. With your great advice to connect my past experiences to B-schools' something, I connected examples of my “challenging DNA” to Wharton's innovation culture, which drew adcom's excitement and this "Iron Prof" story.  Anyway, I greatly appreciate your great consulting this year. Without you, it was difficult for me to make these strong essays. I hope to report more excellent outcome soon! (Accepted at Darden)
  • Thank you for introducing me an ideal person! It is really helpful for me to get advice from the successful person with the same experience.  I am impressed that you have a strong network based on your professional career. (Accepted at Kenan-Flagler)