MIT (also Fuqua, Anderson)

I heard about Bryan from my colleague who was admitted to Wharton. After talking with Bryan and some other consultants, I felt that he was the right person for me and now I really believe that working with him was my best decision in this long and tough application process. Without his help, I could not have such a fantastic result, receiving acceptance to my first choice and others two top schools.

I decide to work with Bryan because of several reasons. First, he is a really good listener while also can provide his clients with very specific advices to dig deeper into their story. I felt this during our trail consultation when he sincerely listened to my situation and gave me some important suggestions regarding to the whole application process. Second, I found that the way he provides service via Skype fit very well with my situation. I was quite busy with my work and I also have two small children, so I appreciate Skype meetings in the early morning or late evening because they help me save a lot of time. Bryan locates in New York so we actually made use of all the time difference. Third, I felt comfort with his comprehensive service since I can work with him as long as I want without care about the cost. The application process is a process with full of hard time and anxiety, and with this service I did not have to worry or calculate the fee during the process but can focus on my study and essay instead.

The time we worked together not only verified the above reasons but also helped me realize other aspects of Bryan that I believed that help me succeed. First, he is an excellent adviser who can ask the right questions to pull out my best stories. He does not propose me stories but he understands my background and then suggests me think deeply about aspects that differentiate me with other applicants. Moreover, as many other clients also said, his editing was excellent while his response was very fast. Thanks to his supports, I satisfied with my essays and was actually invited to interview in most top schools although my GMAT score was competitive low.

Second, he is a great friend who stood by me and gave me uncountable encouragement during this tough process. My GMAT score was weak and I was very upset when I prepare the applications. But Bryan always told me that I would be fine with my engineer background and information in my essays. Of course, it was not easy to believe that and I kept worry until he wrote me the following lines: “That's too bad that you don't have more confidence. It's a key element for success in this process… That's not something I can give you or anyone else can give you. You have to find that within yourself”. The fact is that from his words and from working with him, I could understand more about myself, and then become step by step more confident. I eventually enjoyed the hardest time preparing essays for all schools in 2nd round and very confident in all interviews.

Now it is your turn to reserve a trial consultant with Bryan and find yourself a true partner for your long journey. Good luck with your application process!