MBA Application Webinar Announcement

MBA Webinar: “I Heard That…”

What Matters and Doesn’t in the MBA Application Process

Saturday, March 2

5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST


There are a lot of myths and rumors about what it takes to succeed in the MBA application process.

  • “I heard that you have to visit schools.” 
  • “I heard that you have to meet a lot of alumni and get their support.” 
  • “I heard I should send an additional recommendation letter from my CEO.”

Are they true? Mostly not, but they bring up important issues about the application process that might apply to you. And if you misjudge the situation or follow this advice blindly, it could end up actually hurting your chances.

Michele (a former Asst. Dean of Admissions at UC Berkeley) and I will be hosting a webinar on Saturday, March 2 at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST to talk about these points and how to decide what’s best for your individual application strategy. We will also answer any other questions about the application process and what you should be doing now to prepare. It should be a great conversation, and we hope you will join us.

We have room for about 7 people total, so please RSVP early if you would like to attend, and include any specific questions you would like us to address. We will be using Skype audio/video.

If you can’t make it this time, we’ll be holding more in the coming months to accommodate different time zones. If you have other questions, you can always contact us here.