MBA Goals Wisdom: Wendy Kopp, Teach for America (NYT interview)

There was a lot of great inspiration and advice in this NY Times interview with Wendy Kopp, the founder of an NPO called Teach for America, which sends teachers to "under-served" (read: poor) school districts for two year stints. She touches on many topics that are relevant to all MBA applicants, not just those with non-profit or public sector goals, including the importance of setting "ambitious and feasible" goals and connecting your passion to your career dreams, two things I strive for with all my clients. The interview is part of the Times' series called "Corner Office" and it is well worth your time to read. Actually, if you do happen to be applying to an MBA (or even non-MBA program) with non-profit/pulic sector/educational goals, I offer two scholarships. The deadline to apply is July 31st and the competition is still open so I hope you'll take advantage.