Japan Schedule Spring 2010 (送別会/説明会)(Farewell Party/Orientation Session)

Hi, Everyone. I just finalized my travel information and other plans, including for a 説明会/orientation session for new applicants, as well as a fantastic 送別会/farewell party for my Japan clients leaving soon for their MBAs and other degrees. Please read all the way through since there are a lot of details.


Arriving: Wednesday April 7, 2010 afternoon

Departing: Tuesday April 13, 2010 afternoon

Contact in Japan: 050 5532 5956 or 090-9965-4974

Staying at: The Conrad Hotel in Shimbashi


説明会/Orientation Session

Time: Sunday, April 11, 2-4 pm

Place: The Conrad Hotel in Shimbashi

Please come to hear more about my counseling approach, philosophy, and services, and to ask any questions about me, how I work, or about the application process in general. To register, please use the form below and I will send you all the details.

I'm also meeting individually with potential clients for this year's application season. If you're interested in working with me, then I'm interested in speaking with you. Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Applicants for this year are also welcome to attend the party events below. It's a great networking opportunity with some world-class people who are now experts in the MBA admissions process. We will be leaving directly from the orientation session for the boat, so please join us!


On to the fun stuff. Every year we try to do something a bit different for my clients before they leave for their respective MBAs and other graduate programs. And this year, thanks to the great efforts of some of those same clients, we have a big night planned.

1. Sunset Yakata-bune Party

Time: 5-7:30 pm (please meet at 4:45 pm at the boat)

Cost: Y5,000 (includes trip, dinner and nomihoudai/all-you-can-drink)

Contact: 090-9965-4974

Place: 芝浦/shibaura, http://www.funatabi.jp/


2. Bowling at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center

Time: 8-10 pm

Cost: @Y2,500 (with shoe rental)

Contact: 090-9965-4974

Transportation: We've arranged a free ride from the yakata-bune to the bowling alley. Otherwise meet at the Shinagawa Prince Bowling Center.


3. Drinks at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bar

Time: 10 pm - ???

I can't wait to celebrate all of your great success in this toughest of competitions and toast your future success!