INSEAD (Class of 2015 #2)

I was introduced to Bryan by an friend who was admitted to Cornell 2 years ago with his help. Applying for MBA is a long journey, It's been a great pleasure to work with Bryan along the way. In the end, he is not only a MBA coach for me but also a mentor who helped me to develop thoughts about my career. I would like to highlight a few things Bryan is extremely good at:

- With his journalist instinct, Bryan knows how to discover story. The whole application package is about "telling about yourself". From a different perspective, Bryan helped me understand my personality even deeper and find my patterns of behaviour. Those subtle details became the key elements that connect those big stories and present a more personal touch in the essays.

- Bryan knows how to tell a powerful story. It simply is his profession. INSEAD application has a set of 7 essays. Bryan helped me to develop a game plan. In the end, we created a consistent package that fully introduce myself. Looking at the application now, I'm still surprised for its thoroughness.

- He control the pace well. It is important for schools like INSEAD which has "many" essays. Bryan kept track of my progress and gave me the right push at certain time. He is certainly the type of consultant who plays number game. I felt really comfortable working with him.

With years of experience, Bryan has the intuition for the acceptance standard of schools. He will push for the application quality if it doesn't meet his standard.