I'd like to recommend Bryan's trial-consultation to anyone who wants to try MBA admission process. At first, I gathered information about different consultants, and asked them to give me a trial consultation. Through the trials, I could better imagine how I could work with each consultant, which made me comfortable to work hard on writing a lot of essays in the hectic situation of also taking TOEFL and GMAT. Here is a list of what I loved about working with him and some tips for working with him.

What I loved.


Without enough international exposure, my English was quite limited at first. Thus what I sent him as a draft was sometimes not good enough to convince him that the story was worth developing for  MBA applications. However, he never gave up to understand the story and read the context behind the story. When he didn't understand what I want to convey through the essay, he always asked me many questions. By answering those questions, I could better focus on core parts of the story.


I started to work with him from late September, which is generally not early enough to submit applications by the deadline of second round. However, we were able to complete seven packages for top-notch schools by the end of December. By the end, I sent him a draft everyday, but he always responded to my emails no matter what. Most of the time, I received his revised draft within 24 hours, sometimes with brief comments about whether I should re-write a part of what I sent or not. Our work was very productive.

Communication skill.

He is very polite, stable, and punctual. Although he has a lot of experience and skills for MBA application, he never stopped listening to me. He always tried to precisely understand my thoughts, thus I could focus on my writing, rather than telling him about my thoughts. I exchanged many e-mails, and occasionally talked via skype, but no doubts about him ever came up in my mind. I am sure that he is willing to talk with any client via skype, but, at least for me, e-mail, which was faster to share opinions, was enough because of his communication skill. I've worked with many international clients through my work, but he was one of the best people in terms of easiness of communication.

Some tips.

Timing to start.

If you want to apply for MBA schools, you should have a trial session as soon as possible. It is free, and he can give you directions. You can understand your relative character as an MBA candidate from his point of view.


He can answer whatever you ask him. So you need to start writing essays as soon as possible. What I emphasize here is that you need to be responsible for your schedule. Although he is punctual and responsible, he can't edit without your draft, and you need time to fix your draft. I think you must focus on one draft and then proceed to the next as he recommends, but sometimes, you don't have free slots to write day by day. In those cases, you can just write as much as possible, and send it to him. He can read them and give you suggestions. Some of your drafts will need rewriting, and others will be ready for his editing. If you seem lost, he will recommend  a skype session. If you lose control of your schedule, you will have to apply next year. 

Interview training.

His interview training is also good. You can enhance your communication skill in English by having sessions with him. He has basic questions that may be asked on MBA interviews, and he can connect each of the questions to your original background, making solid answers. He can give you advice on your manners as an interviewee. You can understand whether you voice is too soft, or you memorize too much so that you are answering like a robot, etc. I am sure that you will have a better understanding of what you need to be careful on your interview through his training.

I believe that you can enhance your career view by writing MBA essays, because you get a chance to think over what you have done as a young professional with your career goals. I think the process would be much happier by doing it with a competent counselor like Bryan. You don't need an essay counselor, but a career counselor with enough editing skills and application knowledge. Bryan is one of the best of this kind of counselor.