People often say what is important for writing essays is to express yourself with your own words. It is difficult for non-native English speakers to do so but I believe you can write essays like that if you work with Bryan.
I decided to work with Bryan when I talked with him via Skype in a Trial Consultation. At first, I worried about my English speaking skills. But he tried to listen and understand what I wanted to say throughout the meeting, so I was relieved and convinced that he was the best partner for me. I believe I can explain his greatness in the following three ways.
Bryan is a leading professional. He understood what I wanted to say through my draft essays and condensed it while making use of the original words. In addition, he always thought about the best way to achieve our goal. When I felt nervous and lost my way, he always led me to the right path.
You can choose how to communicate with him. If you have already finished TOEFL and GMAT, you may frequently talk with him via Skype. On the other hand, if you are not good at speaking, you can also talk with him to improve your speaking skills but you can also concentrate on TOEFL or GMAT first and communicate with him via email to save time. No matter how you communicate with him, you will get amazing feedback.  
It is not easy for most people who would like to study at business school to get good score on TOEFL and GMAT from the beginning. I struggled hard against GMAT but Bryan always encouraged me. I was saved by his words and could finally beat the GMAT.
I recommend that all of you contact him right now. If you talk with Bryan in person, you can understand what I mean.