Hi, Bryan.
Thank you very much!!! It was quite a long way from where I was last year to here, but I believe it was worth it. Of course, I could not be here without your help! I still cannot believe that I got admitted to HBS (even with the essay almost same with Stanford one :-)) Anyway, I dropped from the Wharton waitlist.
Again, thank you so much and let's talk soon!
Here is the testimonial:
Bryan is absolutely a great essay counselor. He helps you to develop an entire MBA preparation plan, deepen your thoughts and elaborate your essays. He is also very professional. He does not hesitate to even raise difficulties you are having even though you are his client. If you want honest feedback, I think he will fit you well. Once you decide to work with Bryan, as he is so popular, it is better to develop a plan and carry it out in a structured way so that you can fully leverage his support early.