Featured Testimonial: Dartmouth Tuck & UNC Kenan Flagler (w/ scholarship)

I have no idea how to express my gratitude except just saying - Thank you so much! The pain that you took to understand my story, and not just look at me at a 'client', but as a 'student' with a real personality helped me put my best at TUCK. I had my story, but you gave me the structured index to put it together in a compelling way. You did not let time and distance come between as you replied patiently to my queries as well took extra pains to understand my background to help me forge a winning application.You were not a typical consultant, detached from my story, but sounding board of my most intimate thoughts and ideas and stories. If it hadn't been for the probing questions you kept asking me in the drafts that I sent, over and over again, I wonder what my essays would have looked liked!I owe you a big part of my success!

Thank you Bryan! May your tribe of successful candidates increase manifold! :D