Featured Testimonial - Tuck, Fuqua Acceptances

I just received this kind testimonial from one of my client's from last year. He'll be heading to Dartmouth Tuck, and was accepted at Duke Fuqua as well. Thank you very much! (You can see other testimonials from last year here.) “Let’s consider the next round” was a painful but a perfect advice from Bryan, which I later appreciated by heart. After failing in my initial attempt to complete those essays without counseling, it was only a couple of weeks before Duke’s November deadline when I contacted him for the first time. My self-edited drafts somehow looked reasonable to me then, only to later realize how much of a quality I needed to achieve, how far I was from there, and how his advice can make it happen. Bryan’s thorough understanding of my writing ability/speed was truly helpful in maintaining the pace of my progress, and I comfortably followed his advice to get things done one-by-one. I was just amazed with his dedication and commitment to his clients, which I could literally feel with his attention to details and timeliness of his responses. I improved my essays to a ready-to-go level and earned acceptances from my top priority schools, which would not have happened without his support. His counseling is truly professional, and it is no surprise that he earns so much trust from his clients. Just like everyone else on this testimonial page, I’m truly glad that I had Bryan as my counselor. My two cents of advice for you is to get into action on your essays now. It's already August.