Featured Testimonial: Stanford GSB (also accepted to Wharton)

I met Bryan right after I started my MBA application process. In February, when I told my senior about my decision to apply, she warned me that if I did not contact Bryan soon, his spaces would fill up. In fact, two other senior colleagues I worked with on projects said they chose to work with Bryan as well. I looked up to them as business people, and their acceptances to very top schools left but no doubt about Bryan’s abilities. Therefore, I had faith in him and decided to ask him to work with me.

As reputed, Bryan was deeply experienced, kind, and provided great support throughout the process. Thanks to these qualities, I was able to get results I was very satisfied with.

Bryan is most distinguished in his ability to sincerely spot an individual’s strengths and virtues through the application materials. Applicants, in general, tend to focus on dressing up their career histories and performances, however, Bryan goes far beyond and much deeper, meaning he is more insightful about applicants’ personal characteristics and values. By helping me pull those out, Bryan made it possible for me to build great essays. He made me aware of my own unique qualities which I had not thought of as particularly special, and those became incredibly important elements to express who I was in my essays and interviews. Eventually, the whole process for me was not just about applying to MBA programs, but it became a fruitful period to understand myself more deeply.

I am grateful to Bryan for the encouragement he provided throughout our weekly Skype sessions and for helping me get through this long, hard process. Without his support, I feel certain that I would not have been accepted by several of my dream schools.