Featured Testimonial: Oxford

Around one year ago, I took a free trial consultation just because my colleague, a former client of Bryan, eagerly advised me to do so. Now I am really grateful to the colleague. If I had not decided to meet with Bryan at that time, I couldn’t have successfully completed the application to Oxford. It is my turn next; that is, I strongly recommend you to work with Bryan!

Bryan is very considerate and understands applicants very well, so we soon found a good working rhythm. At first, I was concerned whether I could effectively communicate with Bryan through Skype, email, and my limited English ability. However, he always patiently listened to me during Skype meetings, and repeatedly asked what I wanted to mean while exchanging emails, so I could sufficiently express myself in front of Bryan, and incorporate that into my essays.

Through the application process, Bryan always gave me solid advice. Every time I had questions such as when to finish studying for IELTS and start GMAT, how to use a weeklong holiday, and how to prepare for interviews, I asked him for advice, which enabled me to keep going the right way. In addition, I was surprised that he worked quickly and the pace didn’t decrease even in the peak season. Thanks to his hard work, I could prepare necessary documents for Oxford in only two weeks, and proceed with entire application process much more efficiently than expected.

Finally, I enjoyed working with Bryan. His editing skills are so amazing that I learned the pleasure of writing in English from him. I always looked forward to his replies when I sent my draft essays to him, and I gradually came to like writing in English through this process. Writing essays, which is often said to be arduous tasks, unexpectedly became an exciting experience for me. I strongly recommend Bryan to applicants who want to enjoy their application process.