Featured Testimonial: INSEAD

I believe Bryan’s strengths lie on the (1) Never compromise his quality to every deliverable. (2) Strong commitment to the result

I tried MBA application twice, first time in 2013 and the second time in 2016, and asked for help from Bryan for both times. As I had personal issues in 2013 and did not get into ideal school at the 1st trial, I thought Bryan will not accept me as his client for the second time. Therefore, I looked for another counselors who are highly recommended on the internet in the second time.

However, I couldn’t find any counselor whom I can trust and count on because I simply cannot feel other counselors have strong commitment to their clients like Bryan does.

Bryan has almost 100% acceptance rate to the INSEAD and here is my personal opinion on why people should choose him.

(1) He never compromises his quality to every deliverable

People say Bryan could always amend essay within word limit beautifully. This is true but that is only one of his basic skills.

I think he is excel at his comprehension ability and at reorganizing skills, pushing the essay to the higher level.

He can always understand what clients want to tell him based on his long term counseling experiences even clients speaks poor English or speaking illogically.  After he gets the elements to write, he starts editing and reorganize all the stories and send it to client for review.  Everytime I see his edited version of essay, I was amazed.  The story is vivid, concise, and easy to understand even for the Admission committee who do not understand my line of business.

In addition, his consulting/interviewing skills could make the normal essay to the personalized one.  For example, when I was working on failure/achievement essay,  my first draft was like a robot. Nothing interesting and appealing but I  already worked on it for 2 weeks and it was the best that I could do.  After reading the draft, Bryan asked me couple of questions about the contents and unexpectedly asked me “why did you join this project?” “how did you feel about this task?” These are the questions I never thought about before. The questions sounds so abrupt to me (so abrupt as “what did you have for breakfast”) but when I answered Bryan, he seemed very satisfied.  By the time, I understood that he was amending the logical gap of my essay and making it more personalized in the end.  He could lead the essay to the next level by his excellent interview skills to put the core idea of “Who you are” “Why you did this?” and “What is important to you“ into the essay. Therefore, every client is very satisfied with Bryan’s editing skills and even call it as a magic.

(2) He has strong commitment to the result.

I experienced many incidents while applying to INSEAD. Whatever happens, Bryan never turn his back on his clients.

First incident was that I could not get the minimum TOEFL score, 105.  After I finally got the score, there were already Round 3 for January starting class.  So I decided to apply September starting class and requested to extend the counseling period for few more months.  Bryan agreed with it and promised me he would help me till my application ends.

Second incident was that I was stuck in one essay and could not come out with a good example to demonstrate “who I am.” Bryan worked with me and edited the essay till the version 16.  I never thought Bryan could give me kinds of inputs and brush my essay for so many times to deliver the best out of his clients.

Third incident was that when INSEAD admission committee asked me about my sharp drop of GMAT score.  I was a little panic receiving that email and do not know how to reply.  Bryan, on the other hand, was surprisingly calm.  He first analyzed the intention of the admission committee and instructed me what to do next.  Even his hands are full and traveling at that moment, he prioritized my requests, including counseling and reviewing emails so that I could communicate with Admission Committee promptly.

The last incident was that he offered me a extra interview session because he knows I am not perfectly ready for the interview yet and he simply wanted me to get INSEAD.  Unfortunately, I missed to take his offer and in the end and I was put into Waitlist. However, like always, he got my back to fight to the very last minutes.  He immediately analyzed what went wrong and planned a strategy to tell me what to do.

In the end, he guided me to go through ups and downs to get into INSEAD.

I could not done without your help. Thank you Bryan!