Featured Testimonial: HBS (re-applicant)

I cannot be more thankful to Bryan for helping me get accepted into HBS, which has long been my top choice school. I was a reapplicant to HBS, and Bryan worked with me for two consecutive years. When it came time to reapply, I did not think twice about reaching out to Bryan to support me again. In retrospect, having only been two years out of university, I may have been too inexperienced when I first applied to HBS. We worked together to refine my application, in particular how I had grown professionally since the last time I applied. Bryan has been a great counselor and a deeply thoughtful and empathetic partner in helping me articulate my career choices and ambitions to admissions by asking me questions in our counseling sessions to draw out a truly genuine and authentic story about who I am and what I want to do.

Towards applying to HBS, I chose to work with Bryan for three reasons. First, Bryan knows his stuff. He has a long track record of helping his students get into the most competitive programs, and knows what admissions looks for. Another reason I enjoyed working with Bryan was his truly amiable and thoughtful personality. Bryan provides feedback very well, which I felt was not only quite accurate but also delivered in a manner that helped me see how much I could improve. Finally, Bryan is very stable and flexible. During application season, as deadlines loomed near, Bryan remained the steady voice that guided me towards an acceptance letter from HBS.

I cannot thank Bryan enough for working patiently with me these two years, for helping me get into my dream school, and for being a truly caring mentor, counselor, and friend. I would recommend Bryan to anyone wholeheartedly without reservation. Thank you, Bryan, for all of your counseling sessions, professional editing, and for being a great friend for me in times of need.