Featured Testimonial - HBS (also accepted to Wharton Lauder)

There are three reasons I particularly liked working with Bryan: (1) He exactly knows what bars you need to meet to get admitted. He always gave me very honest but helpful advice, and never compromised. It was sometimes painful to receive his feedback and re-write my essays (good medicine tastes bitter...), but I was really satisfied with the quality of essays I developed with his help. (2) His edit of your essays is like magic. Even when you write your essays twice as long as the word limit, he will change it into the essay within the word limit, with much sharper sentences while keeping your voice and storyline. I am sure you will be impressed the first time you see his magic. (3) If you live in Asia and are looking for efficient ways to develop your essays, he is the person to go to. If you send your essays by the end of your day, you can get his feedback when you wake up (and he is always (always!) responsive). I started writing essays in November, and was very worried whether I could finish writing the essays for three schools. It was very efficient to work with Bryan and I managed to write all my essays with highly satisfactory quality. I don't know how I could have made this happen without him. On a final note - it is such a great experience to develop essays and have interview practice with him - I had many great moments of reflecting on myself and learned a lot during the process. I highly recommend him for your counselor.