Featured Testimonial: HBS (also accepted to Wharton, Kellogg and Columbia)

I have been privileged (and very lucky) to work with, in my view, the best admissions consultant in the market. I heard about Bryan from a few of my friends who had used his service during the 2010-2011 season and had achieved amazing results. The first free consultation via Skype convinced me that he is a reliable and trustworthy character, and I was able to feel the “fit” through the 30-minute conversation we had, so I decided to go with him without ever feeling the need to consult with other counselors.

As people say, MBA apps could become one of the toughest challenges we face in our lives, but I am confident to say that Bryan is at the highest caliber in guiding you through that journey. For reference purposes, I have listed here just a few of the many points that I felt especially beneficial in working with him.

1. Experience / Past Performance

In choosing the right consultant, experience and past performance were important factors for me. As you can see in his testimonials page, Bryan has been building a very strong track record, and there is a reason for this. If you work with him, you will find out that he knows exactly what he is doing. There are MANY things that have to be done before you can finally apply to a school, but he guided me through each step and clarified any questions or doubts I had during the process. He keeps track of where you stand during each phase, and leads you in the right direction at the correct pace. I believe that if it wasn’t for Bryan, I could not have applied to all these top schools (with satisfying essays) in Round 1.

2. Essay Counseling

As many others have written already in their testimonials, Bryan’s journalist approach during essay counseling, in my opinion, is one key aspect that other consultants cannot mimic. His unique way of digging deeply into your experiences in many cases led me to find the right solution for each essay question. Looking back, he always asked “sweet-spot questions” that made me think, think, and think about whom I really am, and he does this from every angle so that you are absolutely confident in what you are writing in your essays. If something I wrote is shallow, again he digs, digs, and digs until we both reach satisfaction. This approach, I believe, is what led me to write convincing essays that really came from the bottom of my heart.

3. Interview Training

I found Bryan’s interview training to be exceptionally valuable. He can do either mocks or brainstorming, and I did about half each. Writing and speaking about yourself are not equivalent; for instance when an admissions officer asks you to walk through your resume, you obviously don’t just simply read the lines. There is clearly technique involved, and he will go through this with you step by step. During mocks, he gives you precise advices on how to make your performance better, and having been through this made me feel much more confident prior to entering the real show.

4. Personality / Fairness

These two traits are crucial, really. If you think about it, an MBA consultant becomes your “partner” from day one till the end, and you obviously do not want to be in a situation where you are not getting along with your partner. From that perspective, I think Bryan is the type of person who can work with anybody, and for me, I found it really interesting and enjoyable working with him. He threw in his “rib-tickling” jokes here and there during our e-mail exchanges, and we always laughed out loud during Skype calls. Even though MBA apps is serious business and can always become stressful, he was able to make me feel more relaxed and comfortable on a number of occasions throughout. Furthermore, he is fair. I believe his Comprehensive Consulting service is of the highest quality yet at the most reasonable price relative to other similar services. And last but note least, he never prioritizes one client over the other, and really cares about each and every one of his clients.

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect to him, who led me all the way to success. Thank you so much, Bryan. I will never forget the call we had when we toasted each other after my acceptance from your desktop! I wish you the best of luck for next year and very much look forward to seeing you in New York.

And to all the applicants: you can’t go wrong with choosing Bryan!