Featured Testimonial: Columbia & Wharton

I screened several MBA admissions consultants before choosing with whom to work. Bryan was by far the best and I cannot recommend him highly enough for both essay advice and interview prep. There are three things that stood out to me most about Bryan:

  1. His perceptiveness - My favorite moments working with Bryan were when he would read one of my essays and his feedback was "this doesn't sound like you." He was always right. He would then work with me--often guiding with questions--until I got to the very core of what I was actually trying to say. In a process where differentiation is essential, Bryan pushed me to find uniqueness in my own individuality
  2. His professionalism - Bryan is punctual, polite, communicative and structured. When he said he would have feedback by a certain time, he always did and it always had the same level of rigor. This eased a significant amount of anxiety for me because it allowed me to plan effectively, especially as deadlines approached
  3. His sincerity - When working with Bryan, you do not feel like you are just another client. He takes a genuine interest in you and is honest, direct, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. His steady demeanor was incredibly helpful, even essential, when working through stressful moments

Applying to business school was a daunting task for me. I have always found writing challenging and I am uncomfortable talking about my past accomplishments. I also chose to apply 1 month before the round 2 deadlines, so I was rushed. I simply would not have been able to complete this process without Bryan.