Featured Testimonial: Accepted to Kellogg, Haas, LBS, Ross & Tepper

I chose Bryan as my partner for this journey because of his reputed editing ability, past successful record, and recommendations from my senior colleagues. Throughout this process, I found three strengths beyond just his editing ability. First of all, he has exceptional ability to ask good questions to dig out my stories. After several question and answer emails about my essay, my first draft was totally revolutionized. It became compelling and easy to understand with artful emphasis on my soft skills. It was like magic.

In addition, Bryan is a good coach. The tough pressure made me reveal my weaknesses. When I became too nervous and was depressed, he gave me warm words and encouragement. When I made an immature decision, he admonished me for my mistake. I was able to grow through this process.

Finally, I can rely on his professional judgement since Bryan knows the optimal point that balances quality and effort. At first, I felt that writing essays is an endless process. However, I learned it is better for me to move to other essay topics once an essay reached a certain level of quality. Changing topics inspired me to see other aspects of the former essays. In addition, by taking time, I was able to assimilate my stories and understand the meaning of them more deeply. You can tell whether your essay reached to such a quality if you simply ask him.

Without Bryan’s support, I would never have gotten through the long, tough path to where I am.