Featured MBA Interview Report: Dartmouth Tuck

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1 hour, alumni


Please walk me through your resume. Very brief. He interrupted me a lot to ask questions. Career goals after MBA?/Why MBA? Why Tuck?

My answers were clear and genuine. This part lasted 30 minutes. Then we had a very long conversation on the program and life in Hanover. The guy really loved his school. His eyes shone when he was speaking about his experience out there. He made a very strong impression. He was interested in 1) checking if I would be a good fit (Tuck has a very specific culture) 2) I would really go if accepted.

Advice: know the school/be clear why Tuck is a natural pick for you. Don’t be arrogant and do not appear like a young “metro sexual”/party guy. He told me that if I had told him that I was interested in having beers and going to the movies with friends every night, he would have told me to go to Columbia and not Tuck.

So I guess that for Tuck, it is really about knowing the school and displaying a genuine interest in the program and location. I would really recommend visiting the school before the interview if possible, but do the interview only after being invited because the interviewer knows you are good and will treat you like a potential student/alumnus and not like a “lambda” applicant.