CMU Tepper Deadlines, Essays & Analysis (Class of 2013, Starting Fall 2011)

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Suggested length – 2 double-spaced pages per essay.

Tepper CMU Essay A. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How will a Tepper MBA help you to achieve these goals. (Please include any information regarding what steps you have taken to learn more about Tepper.)

Analysis: Please see: The MBA Goals Essay

Tepper CMU Essay B. The Tepper School’s culture relies on all members to be active contributors to our community. With your values, experiences, and interests, how will you make a unique contribution to the Tepper community? Your examples may include: classroom interaction, student activities, career development, community service, etc.

Analysis: Please see: The MBA Personal Essay

Tepper CMU Essay C. Please answer two of the following three questions or statements. Please clearly specify which questions you are answering. Your two answers should equal a total of two pages or less.

1. Describe an obstacle you have faced in your professional or academic life. How did you overcome this obstacle and how did it foster your development?

Analysis: Using a typical leadership essay, four of my clients last year were accepted at CMU Tepper. Having said that, a client pointed out that a failure essay could work here as well. Though I would generally advise sharing your accomplishments over your failures+recoveries, I certainly agree with his interpretation. The word "obstacle" leaves the field quite open for possible topics, but make sure you are presenting a balanced picture of yourself and not overlapping too much with other essays.

2. Describe a time in which your ethics were challenged. How did you deal with the situation and what did you learn from it?

Analysis: Please see: The MBA Ethics Essay

3. One thing people would be surprised to know about me is . . .

Analysis: How do you think other people view you, and what aspect (hobby, belief, experience, etc.) of yourself might change that image or balance that perspective? Again, self-awareness is crucial to this essay, which could be answered whimsically or seriously or in between, depending on what would be the most unexpected. One way to approach this topic is to assume that the adcom will read all your other materials first. What kind of impression would they have of you? And how can you surprise them with something they might have never suspected (and isn't covered in another essay, especially Essay B)? Ask your friends or family. You might get a surprise yourself.